Family Involvement

The Pre- K classrooms have an open door policy for families. Families are welcome at any time in the classroom. We are excited to have you as a volunteer and appreciate your willingness to give your time to the Pre- K program.

Possible ways you might volunteer in the classroom are:

  • Read a story to children
  • Play games with children
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Make materials for the classroom at home
  • Share your hobby with the class

We also offer a variety of family programs. The following is a list of possible offerings:

  • Skating parties
  • Parents, Popcorn and the Movies
  • Family Fun Wednesday
  • Family Reading Night
  • Week of the Young Child Celebration
  • Math and Science Night
  • Seasonal classroom activities

Play groups will be held monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month for families whose children are on the waitlist for the program.

Parent meetings on parent requested topics will be scheduled throughout the year.

Please call the Family Liaison, Kylee Petersen, at 444-3260 for more information.